About Marmot Day

About Marmot Day

Marmot Day is a community celebration in Owosso, Michigan, occurring on July 25th (or on the following Monday if the 25th falls on a weekend)[1]. It is a celebration of all marmots, which include groundhogs, woodchucks, and ground squirrels.

History of Marmot Day in Owosso

Marmot Day began in 2002 in Owosso, Michigan, as a day of celebration for this animal which is usually considered a pest. A luncheon is traditional as part of the celebration, and marmot jokes are also shared, among other festivities typical of any party or celebration. At 12:45 P.M., a marmot is positioned outside its hole, and if it goes into its hole, legend has it that summer is over; if it does not go into its hole, there will be one more month of summer.

Confusion with Groundhog Day

Because groundhogs are also marmots, Groundhog Day (which occurs on February 2nd) has also been referred to as Marmot Day[2]. The Owosso celebration is a distinct event.

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